Up To Current

Up To Current, Your Serial Webfiction Reading Tool

Bookmarks on the web aren't quite the same as real life bookmarks

They mark interesting things, but sometimes there are actual stories and serial content, where you want it to mark where you are.

So here's a tool to get to where you are in a story (and save your place) with builtin support for and, as well as other stories I've been enjoying, such as UNSONG.


Most people don't host serial fiction on the web -- for them, a bookmarklet to add it to sites they appreciate.

You can also use this on sites you don't control, using the bookmarklet.

Drag this link to your bookmarks bar: Up To Current.

JS Snippet

If you run the site and want to add this for all the readers, you can put in an example URL here:

And you'll see the snippet we recommend based on your configuration here: